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From Queen of England to Fulltime Blogger

For a brief moment I had listed “Queen of England” as a job title on a professional profile.

I was once with a company that had transitioned ownership. The new guy wanted to show a sense of continuity with the existing team, so I was named company president. I always felt like it was a name only thing, kinda like the Queen.

Looking back, I’m sure that belief became a self fulfilling prophecy.

Several years later, I entered Queen of England as my title for that position on a job site. Common sense caught up with me and I changed it. I never did update it to President. It was a legitimate title but it never described what I did.

Picture of the Queen of England in a carriage.
I didn’t look like the Queen of England and certainly didn’t live in anything NEARLY as nice as Buckingham Palace, but for awhile I was calling myself the Queen of England.

How we see ourselves means everything

Who are you?

Who am I?

I never bought into my title as company president. I always wonder how things would have been different if I had.

My EntreCourier website is geared towards independent contractors for delivery platforms like Doordash and Uber Eats. I really emphasize that they need to see themselves as business owners, not just some kind of semi employee.

And the thing is, I really believe that. They call us independent contractors, and technically that means you’re running a business. When I embraced that role, it changed everything about how I saw the work I was doing.

Man in suit and tie seeing himself in a mirror as a bearded possibly homeless man, illustrating that how we see ourselves makes a huge difference
How you see yourself makes all the difference in the world

Maybe I learned a thing or two since my presidential days.

Which is why I decided to make a transition.

The time has come.

Today, I’m a fulltime blogger.

Now, to me, that’s more exciting than company president. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now.

Effective immediately, I’m flip flopping m main gig with my side hustle.

Food delivery was what always paid the bills. The blog was the side gig. As of today, I’m a full time blogger and food delivery is now the secondary thing.

Although nothing really is changing

Here’s the thing: Right now I put about the same amount of time into my blogging and online work as I do on my delivery work.

And I make about the same money at both.

And tomorrow nothing about that will change. Next week, maybe even next month, all this will still be the same. I’ll still put equal time into each, and probably get equal money from each.

Kinda makes you wonder if this is another “in name only” change.

Then again, everything is changing

It’s all about perspective.

It’s about giving myself permission to think of myself as primarily a blogger.

Even the little things can make a difference.

Until recently, the delivery earnings went into our checking account to meet the family budget. Money from the blog was extra – debt payment or savings for future goals, things like that. I decided to change that. The blog profits will go into checking and the delivery profits go into the extras.

It’s the same money. So technically, it’s like nothing has changed. Maybe it’s a technicality, but now my blog is what’s paying the bills. It’s that little thing that signals a shift, where I’m making my living off my online business now.

It’s a small thing but it makes it real.

What does this mean going forward?

There’s a lot that won’t change for weeks, maybe months.

I think it’s mostly recognizing I’ve hit that intersection. I’ve reached a point that I want to be at. As time goes on, the online business will increase and perhaps I’ll feel okay about scaling back on delivery.

But I think it’s the mindset thing where the real changes are.

There’s something different about saying “I’m a fulltime blogger” than “this is a side hustle.” It feels…. more…..


I think it’s a sense of commitment.

I ask myself: What would I do if this were my business or my career? Because guess what?

It is.

This is exciting.