Should My Blog be an LLC? (Business Types for Bloggers)

What type of business should you have (sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, something else) as a blogger? There really isn’t a single answer to that. It depends on things like your risks, personal assets, how much money you make, and what your goals are for your business. We’ll assume you’ve decided that your blog is a … Read more

Is This Hidden Tax Change in the Last Stimulus a Nightmare for Bloggers?

The latest stimulus package, the American Rescue plan, has a surprising little provision that could create some major headaches for freelancers, bloggers, content creators and other self employed individuals come tax time. Seven lines in the 630 page HR 1319 make a big difference in income reporting for many small businesses. Section 9674 of the … Read more

Do Bloggers and Content Creators Qualify for Paycheck Protection Program?

Time is winding down. Unless Congress extends the deadline, the latest version of the Paycheck Protection Program will expire on March 31. Can bloggers apply for the PPP? Does the Paycheck Protection Program make sense for podcasters, Youtubers and other content creators? If the following apply, you may qualify for PPP funding You earn money … Read more

To Pivot or Start Something New?

I have a decision to make. My money maker of a website has the potential of becoming obsolete by year’s end. While I’m already planning to build something new in addition to that site, now I have to decide whether to pivot with the existing site, or stay the course by building something seperate. What … Read more