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The Business of Blogging

I think I’m finally figuring out where to go with this blog.

I can thank the EntreCourier website for that. Or the success I’ve experienced with that, coupled with interactions with bloggers.

I’m realizing that maybe I can meet a similar need for content creators and bloggers that I am meeting for independent contractors in the gig economy with the EntreCourier site.

People need to understand the business side of being a creator as much as they need to do so in the gig economy. And there’s not much more to help them there as there is for contractors.

Discovering that gives me a bit of a sigh of relief, to be honest. I’ll explain.

Computer, coffee, glasses, paper, phone on a desk signifying the business of online business

Not sure if it’s a case of imposter syndrome or just not wanting to be another me-too blogger.

I launched this with the intent of documenting my digital journey.

But I was always a bit uneasy with that. What am I trying to accomplish? Am I just out to be one of the zillions who had success with their blog and so they decided to tell everyone else how to do it?

Maybe there’s a bit of imposter syndrome going on here as well. Who am I to tell anyone how to do anything to do with blogging? There’s a lot where I have to admit, I feel like I stumbled into some success. There’s so much I still don’t know, and I’m only scratching the surface of the possibilities.

Maybe it’s me thinking there’s not much from my experience that’s going to help someone. That’s something I still have to work through.

Having said all that, everyone’s a blogging expert it seems. I remember someone’s comment in a forum not that long ago that said, the way people make money blogging is by telling other people how to make money blogging.

I’m finding out that’s not necessarily true, thankfully. But I understand the sentiment. I don’t know how many people are out there with their own little spin on the same “secrets” and ideas. I didn’t want to be that guy.

And I think that’s what’s held me back here.

And then the busy time hits for Entrecourier

As we came into the end of the year, I know this was the beginning of a busy time for the EntreCourier website. The passage of the latest stimulus package only added to that.

A significant portion of my visits over there come from people looking for information about taxes. There are a lot of general tax articles out there for contractors – things that try to cover it all in one article. I haven’t found anyone who goes in depth like I do, with a whole series of tax articles.

And now with the renewal of the paycheck protection program and EIDL programs, there’s new life from people looking for whether they qualify there.

And somewhere along the way I realized, the same thing is true for bloggers, publishers, content creators. A lot of general articles but not as much in depth information that helps people understand how all this applies to their general business.

And maybe I found my niche.

Groups of figures huddled around "Niche" signs

I can focus on the business of blogging.

I don’t mean the sales. This isn’t about all the stuff that everyone else is already doing. There will always be people who knock it out of the park compared to me on things like affiliate marketing, SEO, growing your business.

But what I can offer that I don’t see as much out there on? The back end. Thinking and operating like a business. Especially for the individual who’s never really thought of them on a business.

I’ll still write about my journey. My experiences fit within the niche. Maybe they’re part of the bigger picture. But what I’d love to do is become that resource for creators that I’ve been able to be for gig workers.

So there you have it.

There I have it. Now it’s time to go.