The Business of Content

You’re great at creating content.

But now that you’re making money (or planning to) with your content, how do you handle the business side of it all?

Your Content Business exists to help you find answers about the business side of your content business, so you can focus more time on continuing to create great content..

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  • 1099s for Bloggers (How Much Did My Blog Earn?)
    As the due date approaches for filing your tax return, the first part of the entire tax process as a blogger is to answer the question: How much money did my blog make? Your blogging may have several types of income. A good start for your blogging business, especially if this is the first time you’re starting to make money, is to make sure you have a handle on all those streams of income. Some of the income payments you received may be reported on one of several 1099 tax forms. Others may not be. We’ll talk about different ways … Read more
  • Should My Blog be an LLC? (Business Types for Bloggers)
    What type of business should you have (sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, something else) as a blogger? There really isn’t a single answer to that. It depends on things like your risks, personal assets, how much money you make, and what your goals are for your business. We’ll assume you’ve decided that your blog is a business and not a hobby. Generally, if there’s a profit motive behind your blog, it is a business. The fact that you’re thinking about this is good because it indicates that you’re treating this like a business. There are several ways that you can set … Read more
  • Is Blogging a Business or a Hobby for Tax Purposes?
    As your successful blog begins to make money, you’ll soon have to grapple with this one question: Is your blogging just a hobby or is it a legitimate business? The answer can make a big difference on your taxes. The wrong answer cause some real IRS headaches. So which one is it? Is it hobby or is it a business? The answer is, it depends. If all you want to do is blog for the sake of blogging, it’s more likely a hobby. If you’re seeking to make a profit as well, you’re probably running your own business instead of … Read more
  • These 10 Important Tax Concepts Help You Understand Taxes for Bloggers
    Your hard work on your blog is paying off. You found ways to generate some income, or you have plans for monetization. But how does that work for taxes? How much more will you have to pay in, or can you still get a tax refund? There are so many different moving pieces involved in blogger taxes that it’s really impossible to give a one size fits all answer in a single blog post. At the same time, taxes don’t have to be the big mystery that we often make them out to be. If you can understand some basic … Read more
  • Know The Purpose of Your Content: The Enormous Blessing of Your Why
    “What the heck were you thinking???” That’s what my wife’s pastor asked her after we got engaged. Except “heck” wasn’t the word he used. I wasn’t hurt by that. Considering that her and I each were bringing five kids into a blended family (not five total, five EACH) you can maybe understand why he’d ask that question. And why he didn’t say “heck.” That may be the first question you should be asking yourself when you’re thinking about turning your podcasts, videos and blog content into a business. Why???? What’s the purpose of blogging for you? What do you want … Read more